Small Dedicated Server

$90 / Month

  • Handle 40 Players
  • Your Own Private Server
  • Total Control Over Server
  • Cloud VPS

Large Dedicated Server

$260 / Month

  • Handle 100 Players!
  • Massive Server Specs!
  • Your Own Private Server
  • Total Control Over Server
  • Dedicated Server


Its simple to buy Space Engineers Hosting from us.


Choose Your Package

Select the size of server you require. Each slot allows another player to join your game.


Complete Transaction

Pay for your server with PayPal and we will set you up behind the scenes and get in touch with the server details.


Create A Universe!

Now go off and enjoy your new server by inviting people to join your game! Let us know if you want to be included in our server list.



Once you have paid for your server you will be given access to the admin so you can control your server. Its easy to use and makes sure you are in control.


Need to upgrade? Easy, you can simply buy more slots from the acount management section. Great if you are experiencing a high demand for your server!

Awesome Hardware

Our game servers are Intel i7/XEON's to make sure there is plenty of power available for your universe. With 24GB RAM & 2TB of storage to assist.

Windows Servers

Space Engineers needs Windows to run, we are running up to date Windows Server 2008 to make sure your game runs smoothly.

What Is Space Engineers?

Space Engineers is a space based sand-box game. It has been compared to and described as “Minecraft in space” in forums and also shares similarities to Little Big Planet and other open sand-box games. The lack of an objective in the game leaves it open to experimentation and creativeness. As a player you have access to a toolbox of objects and materials to build stationary bases or drivable space-craft. Space Engineers was created by Keen Software House and released un-finished October 23rd 2013 for the world to experience the final stages of production for just $14.99.

Space Engineers Dedicated Server

Space Engineers is a very intensive game to be hosting on a general home desktop computer. A dedicated server removes the need for a player to have to host the game on the computer there are playing it on and have that task delegated to a server more capable of not only handling the processing of the game but also the connections between it and the players.